Song Lyrics





Billie sings and gloom turns to humor  

Simple truths are rescued from rumor 

She both celebrates and redeems 

The wisdom of teenage dreams 


Billie sings and birds want to listen 

Teases them to ask for permission 

 Her voice just needs a world to console 

 Where tragedy takes its toll 


To the loners, the cutters, the misunderstood 

The afflicted, addicted, never had a childhood 


Billie sings while dancing like demons 

 A spooky rag doll tossed among heathens 

 Shakes her lime green Gatorade hair 

 Writes songs that can sound like prayers 


She’s speaking their language, Let no one condemn 

Before her star blazed, Billie was one of them 


Billie sings and gloom turns to humor  

 Simple truths are rescued from rumor 

 She both celebrates and redeems 

 The wisdom of teenage dreams 







Ten lasers bouncing off of mirror balls  

I've crashed a rave and see my downfall  

I part a sea of writhing bodies  

And infiltrate these techno follies  

I spy a princess with an afro  

Partly chic and partly ghetto  

She dances texting on a smartphone  

My stomach churns like raging hormones  

Time becomes a blur as I'm accosting her  


I step into the light  

Reading her my rights and riot acts  

State my name and rank  

Fill in all the blanks with wisecracks  

Hope that she can take the hint  

Start dusting for my fingerprints  


The crowd she's hanging with are eyesores  

Looks like the bar scene out of Star Wars  

I make a beeline through this mixup  

Pretend I'm here to pull a stickup  

I point a finger like a handgun  

She reaches for the skies I'm undone  

With a sense of dread, I'm in over my head  


She steps into the light  

Reading me her rights and riot acts  

States her name and rank  

Fills in all the blanks with wisecracks  

Asks if I can take a hint  

Starts dusting for my fingerprints  


Then she takes me into custody  

Controlled substances are forced on me  

Soon I'm flying supersonic high  

Hallucinations start floating by  

Swirling paisley freaky weird cartoons  

Monster deejays playing looney tunes  


She's leaning close, i want to stargaze  

Her features swimming through a dream haze  

As i lunge to try and kiss her  

She starts to taunt and tease and whisper  

I'm such a fool, I find it obscene  

I realize that she's a drag queen  

The girl who caught my eye  

Is really just a guy  


I shrink back from the light  

Hear myself recite the riot act  

Forget my name and rank  

Fill in all the blanks with wisecracks  

I'm not taking any hints  

I won't be leaving fingerprints